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Important Common Rule changes effective January 19

SPH research community:

New federal regulations for human subjects research go into effect on Friday, January 19, at which time the CUNY Central HRPP office will roll out a revised CUNY IRB application template in IDEATE that reflects these Common Rule changes. Changes to the IRB application on the 19th will be reflected in all forms.

All new applications, including those that are in-development or pending (i.e., not yet approved by the CUNY HRPP/IRB) on or after January 19, will be subject to review as per the revised Common Rule and revised HRPP Policies and Procedures, and must adhere to the revised policies, guidance and templates.

  • If you plan to submit a new protocol for HRPP/IRB review, please wait until January 19 or later to create your IDEATE application, as this will ensure that you are using the revised IRB application.
  • For applications that are in development prior to the 19th, the IRB application updates will be applied to the existing applications. Researchers will need to complete all new questions in the application prior to submitting. 
  • For applications that are pending prior to the 19th, the applications can either be processed or returned to the PI for updating.

If you would like to discuss your application, please contact us with the IDEATE protocol number and title.

Please note that PIs are NOT required to submit amendments to their existing protocols as a general rule due to the changes to the Common Rule. PIs should consult our HRPP office to discuss whether any modifications to their protocols are needed at the time of Continuing Review.

Please familiarize yourself with these important federal regulation changes, summarized on our new Common Rule Changes webpage. Further information can be found on the CUNY Central HRPP website. Our office will be educating SPH faculty, students, and staff on these changes and their implications for researchers in the months ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your patience as we become familiar with the revised Common Rule and CUNY HRPP policies and procedures, and develop guidance for the SPH research community.

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