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How to avoid HRPP/IRB processing delays

Once submitted, a CUNY IRB application undergoes a pre-review by the SPH HRPP office before an exempt determination is made by our office or the application is forwarded to the IRB for expedited or full-board review. Submission of an incomplete or inadequate application adds substantial time to the pre-review process, as multiple rounds of revision and resubmission by the PI may be needed to get the application “decision-ready.” So, how can you avoid processing delays? Our HRPP office developed a resource, Top Ten Tips to Avoid Delayed HRPP/IRB Protocol Review, with the most common application issues we see. We encourage you to take some time to review this document when developing an IRB application to avoid potential processing delays down the line. The document can also be found on the Faculty and Student Investigators pages under Part 2: Pre-IRB application submission steps and planning.

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