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Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

Doctoral and masters students and postdoctoral scholars who wish to conduct Human Subjects Research (HSR) at the SPH must work with a Faculty Advisor (FA). In most cases, this should be their designated academic FA or doctoral dissertation chair; however, a faculty instructor (e.g., Fieldwork or Capstone instructor) may serve in this capacity in extenuating circumstances. FAs are responsible for monitoring the progress and ethical conduct of student and postdoctoral research at the SPH, as well as ensuring that the research is being conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and CUNY policies. FAs should familiarize themselves with the CUNY Central HRPP Policy on Faculty Advisor Responsibilities.

Per CUNY policy, students and postdoctoral scholars may serve as PIs on IRB applications ONLY with the supervision and permission of their FA. If a student investigator is the designated project PI, the FA must be listed under both the Summary and Personnel Tabs of the IRB application. A FA should be closely involved in a student’s IRB application development to ensure it is being completed accurately and appropriately before submission for HRPP/IRB review. The FA and the PI are both responsible for compliance with applicable HSR regulations and CUNY IRB stipulations. 

Students have the option to reassign their IRB applications to their faculty advisors in IDEATE for final review prior to submission. To do so, a student must give their FA Signatory Access in the Personnel Tab of their applications. Please note that only one person can make edits to the application at any given time.

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