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Below are FAQs regarding HRPP/IRB processes and procedures, including using IDEATE, broken down into topic-specific categories. To view a full list of questions within a category, please click on the “view category” link underneath the corresponding topic heading. You may also search for a particular subject by using the search bar. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please contact the SPH HRPP Coordinator.

General HRPP/IRB (11)

Do I need permission to conduct a research study at another CUNY campus?

Permission to conduct a research study at another CUNY campus is not in the purview of the CUNY IRB. If a SPH PI is interested in conducting a research study at another CUNY campus(es), they MUST inquire about the feasibility … Continue reading

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Accessing IDEATE (1)

I can’t log into IDEATE even though I’m using my CUNY Portal username and Password. Who do I contact?

Only CUNY-affiliated researchers with CUNY Portal accounts can access IDEATE. If you cannot log into the IDEATE website using your CUNY Portal username and password, please reset your password here and then try logging into IDEATE again. If you continue to have trouble logging in, please … Continue reading

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IDEATE Protocol Development, Modification, Renewal, and Closure (19)

A non-CUNY site will be engaged in my research project, but it’s not listed under the external sites drop-down in the Research Sites Tab. How can I add this site to my protocol?

If a desired site is not listed under the external sites drop-down in the Research Sites Tab, please contact the SPH HRPP Coordinator. The HRPP Coordinator will then submit a request to CUNY Central HRPP to add the site to the … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous (3)

How do I download or print an active protocol from the LiveList?

1) Once logged into your IDEATE account, click on the Home button at the top of the screen to return to the LiveList. 2) Once you see the LiveList screen, enter the protocol number of the study you want to download or print in the Finder field. … Continue reading

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